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5 Spring Summer 19 Menswear Trends We Love

We don’t believe in following trends to stay “in style”. If you truly have your own sense of style, then the items you purchase each season will only serve to fill out and elevate what you already own. The key is to pick out items that suit your personal style while they’re trending and easy to find. You’ll be able to make them work even when that particular trend may have come and gone.

With that in mind, we’ve selected our top 5 favorite menswear trends for Spring/Summer 2019. So go stock up on these wardrobe gems!

1. Bold Prints

As designers who play with fabric dyeing and hand-made screen prints, we’re always excited when bold prints and patterns are on-trend. Whether you love bright and busy or muted and abstract, this season is all about patterns. Tie-dye is back, graphic prints are back, giant printed images are back in a big way. So go find your favorite twist and get styling!

2. Necklace pocket bags

Also known as a “Sac De Cou”, these bags are small, minimalist and practical. Big enough basically to hold a smartphone and a wallet, these little babies are the perfect summer beach accessory.

3. Short shorts

Who loves short shorts? We do! Now look, considering we live in a particularly hot climate (It’s mid-May as I’m writing this and currently 38*c) I might be a little biased on this one. But showing a little leg in an elegant way (say… paired with an unusually tailored button-down shirt?) is a great way to subvert gender-stereotypes as well as stay cool as a cucumber (Or keep your cucumber cool) on scorching hot summer days.

4. Unusual button down shirts

Avant garde tailoring? That’s our jam! If you’re looking for a twist on your work wardrobe, now’s the perfect time to look for dress shirts with some extra personality. So whether you’re into layers, extra pockets, unusual collars, asymmetry or whatever, the whole look this season is “classic with a twist”.

5. Cowboy boots

Everyone should own a pair of these bad boys. There’s something about cowboy boots that are simultaneously rugged and sophisticated. That’s not an easy stunt for any garment. If you’re not into full-on cowboy, try a pair that are ankle-cut instead. It gives them a more modern feel while still giving that edgy bad-boy vibe.

Keep in mind that while these are our favorites, you’re always free to pick and choose your own. Watching and being aware of current trends is important when you’re working on developing your style sense. Whatever your taste, always keep your eyes open for new trends that appeal to you and don’t be afraid to experiment.


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